Australian Women Pilots’ Association – Sharing a Common Interest in aviation…

The Australian Women Pilots’ Association aim is to foster closer relationships and unity among women pilots, to assist women to undertake flying in Australia and elsewhere, and to develop public interest in aviation, especially among women generally to assist in the development of aviation. The Association awards scholarships annually to, members and non-members. Please refer to our scholarships page for more information.

Learning to fly…

This can be a challenge giving you a sense of personal achievement and adventure. Pilots fly not just for fun, but can lead to a variety of aviation careers.

Careers in aviation

People eager to work in aviation may do so after gaining their Commercial Pilot Licence work in the field of joy flights, parachute drops or day VFR charter is an option.

Scholarships and awards…

AWPA makes available a range of scholarships and awards that create opportunities for all ages and levels of experience.


AWPA has members aged from 16 to 90 years and range from pre-solo students to commercial, airline and military pilots with more than 20,000 hours each.

Our Supporters

The Australian Women Pilots’ Association is sponsored by branches of the association itself, family members and a number of community groups and larger organisations. We are appreciative of all the support these groups provide.

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