Each year, AWPA makes available a range of scholarships and awards that create opportunities for all ages and levels of experience.

The scholarship program opens in September each year with almost all scholarships closing to applications on 31 January of the following year, with the exception of the Gliding Award and Soaring Scholarship, which close on 18 March.

All scholarships and awards are awarded on merit in a competitive process. Assessments of applications are made by panels – one for each scholarship – of 3 to 5 people appointed for their appropriate experience/expertise.

The successful applicants are announced at the presentation event usually held in conjunction with the AWPA annual conference.

For further information contact the AWPA Scholarship Coordinator.

Please email: scholarship.coordinator@awpa.org.au.

Just by your involvement in flying you could be eligible for one of the following awards:
The Nancy-Bird Walton Memorial Trophy
The Sir Donald Anderson Awards – CASA
Gliding Award

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The following scholarships provide the opportunity for financial assistance to expand your aviation knowledge and flying skills:
The Lady Casey Scholarship
AWPA Flight Training Scholarships
AWPA PPL Charts and Documents Award
AWPA PPL(A) Navigation Component Scholarship
AWPA Formation or Aerobatic Endorsement (Aeroplane) Scholarship
ATSB Human Factors Course Award
ATPL Theory Scholarship
AWPA RA-Aus Student Pilot Scholarship
AWPA RA-Aus Endorsement/Rating Scholarship
Soaring Scholarship
Champagne PC Services Award
NSW 2000 Edna Grose Scholarship
Mary O’Brien Silver Wings Award
Roma 2008 Awards
AWPA SA/NT Branch Memorial Incentive Award
1974 Memorial Grant
The Freda Thompson and Claire Embling Aviation Award
AWPA WA Branch Aviation Award
The Mitzi Farr Scholarship
Nancy Wells Award (Ninety Nines Inc. Australian Section)




Scholarship applications for 2014 are now closed, except for:

Gliding Award      Application and Criteria

Soaring Scholarship  Application and Criteria

Please ensure you use the correct application form with a 2014 closing date.

For all other scholarships, information about the 2015 round will become available on this website towards the end of September 2014.

If you would like any further information on our awards and scholarships, please email: scholarship.coordinator@awpa.org.au.