Australian Women Pilots’ Association

There are many benefits of becoming a member of the AWPA. With the range of scholarships and awards available it creates many opportunities for all ages and levels of experience.

Our Mission

  • to foster closer relationship and unity among women pilots.
  • to assist women to undertake flying in Australia and elsewhere
  • to develop public interest in aviation, especially among women
  • generally to assist in the development of aviation

First Established

On 16 September 1950 a group of thirty five women became charter members of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association at a meeting at Bankstown Airport in Sydney. These women pilots of all ages and experience became the core of a nationwide network which today, like then, aims to assist women to achieve their goals in aviation. Read more on our history here…

Endowment for AWPA

The Endowment Fund Account was established in 2005 for the purpose of building and maintaining sufficient funds for the Association to enable the Association to be, or to become, financially independent and secure. Read more on endowment here…


The Lady Casey Scholarship Fund

The aim of The Lady Casey Scholarship is to assist an AWPA member to obtain an Instructor or Command Instrument Rating, either fixed wing or helicopter, in furtherance of a career in aviation.

History of the Scholarship

In 1972 the late Maie Casey – Aviatrix, Charter Member and Patron of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association – gave $100.00 to a group of Victorian members with whom she was lunching. This was the time of the nearly forgotten Australian mining boom and The Lady Casey wanted these members to try their luck on the share market. With the success of the shares an idea was formed to provide a scholarship for members. Interest and/or dividends only are to be used for scholarship payments. With the fluctuating interest rates and share dividends paid to the fund, donations are welcome to enable the scholarship to continue well into the future.

Donations to The Lady Casey Scholarship Fund are welcome and may be forwarded to the National Treasurer, AWPA, PO Box 832,  Earlville, Qld, 4870 or by using our online donations portal.

Provision for donations is also included on the Membership Application and Renewal Forms.